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The History of Marinara Sauce

If you order a dish in Italy with the word “marinara” in it, your plate will contain an assortment of fish when it is served. That’s because the word “marinara” translates to “mariner’s style” in English. So why doesn’t American marinara sauce contain fish? Here’s a brief history on this ubiquitous Italian-American tomato sauce.

Marinara sauce was most likely invented in the southwestern coastal towns of Italy by the local fishermen and sailors. Spending a great deal of time at sea, these men needed meals whose ingredients were easy to transport, resistant to spoiling and could be prepared quickly while on the water. Preserved tomatoes or tomato paste mixed with water and the addition of some dried spices made for a tasty sauce for dipping bread or spooned over cooked fish.

The sauce probably became popular in America when Italians immigrating to the United States could not find the fresh herbs they were accustomed to in Italy. Instead, they relied on dried herbs that could be easily imported because they travel well.

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