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                                       Puttanesca Sauce
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Category: Spaghetti Sauce, Pasta & Rice
Servings: 4
Total time: 20 min
Level: Easy
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An authentic Italian recipe from our kitchen to yours. Buon Appetito!


- 8 anchovy fillets packed in oil, drained

- 1 medium shallot

- 3 cloves fresh garlic

- 1 generous cup flavorful black olives such as gaeta

- 2 tablespoons capers

- 1 pint cherry tomatoes

- 2/3 cup tomato sauce

- 2 tablespoons parsley

- 1 teaspoon red chili flakes

- 1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil

- 1/4 cup white wine

- Salt


1.  Finely chop the garlic and the shallot. Place them in a large skillet with the olive oil and the chili flakes.

2.  Finely chop the anchovy fillets and add them to the skillet. Heat the skillet over medium heat until the garlic and shallots begin to sizzle. Sauté for 1 - 2 minutes and then add the wine to the pan. Simmer for 2 - 3 minutes.

3.  Clean the cherry tomatoes and add them to the skillet. If the liquid in the pan has evaporated, add 1/4 cup of fresh water as needed. Cover the pan and cook for approximately 5 minutes.




4.  Add the olives to the skillet.

5.  If the capers were packed in salt, rinse them very well and drain. Otherwise, drain the capers well and add them to the pan. Sauté the mixture for 3 - 5 minutes.

6.  Add the tomato sauce to the pan as well as 1/4 cup of fresh water. Stir the pan well to mix all ingredients thoroughly. Cover the pan and simmer the sauce for 10 - 12 minutes.

7.  Uncover the pan once the mixture appears thoroughly cooked. If the sauce appears too thin, raise the heat to medium-high and simmer the sauce uncovered until it reduces to your desired consistency. If the sauce is too thick, add fresh water as needed to thin the sauce to your preferred consistency. Taste the sauce and add salt as necessary.

8.  Clean and finely chop the parsley. Add it to the sauce. Mix well to combine. Once the sauce reaches your desired consistency, turn off the heat and serve over your favorite pasta.